Fast Same-Day Auto Title Loans

Lowest rates in the GTA for bad credit vehicle title loans.

Open loans so you can pay off early.

To Apply for up to $20,000

Car must be:

  • 6 years or newer. But if cars are high-end (BMW, Cadillac, Lexus) they can be older
  • Fully paid off, no liens, no leases
  • Fully insured (We offer free insurance services to help you get the best rates)
  • With ownership and insurance in your name only
  • If vehicle is in another name, the owner must come in to co-sign the loan
  • If vehicle is in the name of your company, please provide proof of ownership

What you will need:

  • Insurance policy
  • Ownership form
  • Driver’s license
  • A void cheque
  • Proof of address

People eligible for a Vehicle Title Loan include: people in bankruptcies, proposals almost paid off or with a past bad credit history as well as self-employed, people on commissions, pensions and gratuities.