Car Title Loans for North York Residents

  • Open Vehicle Title loans. Pay off early and Prudent will refund your remaining interest.
  • North York borrowers have been coming to Prudent for over 20 years, getting not only personal, car and vehicle title loans but also mortgages and home equity loans.
  • We offer fast same day loans up to $20,000 on paid off vehicles six years or newer.
  • We have the lowest rates for bad credit car and personal loans in Toronto and the GTA since 1984.
  • Repair your credit. Prudent reports on your payment history helping you to restore your credit score to the highest rating.

North York – one of the fastest expanding municipalities in the GTA

More than half of North York’s population of 635,370 people come from areas outside of Canada such as China, South Asia, the Caribbean, Arab and West Asian, the Phillipines, Latin America, Korea, Southeast Asia and Russia. Visible minorities comprise 52% of total residents.

img-couple2Prudent Financial also reflects this vibrant multicultural mix! Our staff of 29 come from 18 countries across Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the Caribbean. We can serve you in such diverse languages as Mandarin, Punjabi, Bengali, Farsi, Arabic, Spanish, Tagalog, Italian, Russian and Rumanian.

North York — thriving urban and suburban areas — a cosmopolitan mix of business, cultural, educational, medical, recreational and shopping centres.

Yonge Street, the central street cutting through North York, is dense with large corporate towers of major companies such as Proctor & Gamble and Xerox as well as condo high-rises, theatres, restaurants, and shopping malls. Elsewhere, North York residents are served by large hospital and medical facilities, university and college campuses, many sports facilities plus the largest shopping centres in the GTA. Two subway lines from Finch and from Sheppard facilitate traffic to Downtown Toronto .

Over the years, Prudent Financial Services has also grown in North York. Besides Vehicle Title, personal and car loans, it opened up Prudent Mortgage Corp., offering 1st and 2nd mortgages and home equity loans. Also, Prudent now has its own quality pre-owned car dealership, Prudent Value Cars.

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