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Mississauga – Prosperous, dynamic and engaged in planning for the future.

With 713,443 residents, Mississaugua is Canada’s sixth most populated municipality in Canada. It is also said to be the 11th best city to live in Canada in terms of prosperity, according to MoneySense magazine. Over 60 of Fortune 500’s most prestigious companies also base their head offices in Mississaugua. Some of the strongest industries are pharmaceutical, biotechnology, banking and finance, information and communication technology. Mississauga economic strategists are seeking to expand these sectors to become more active global competitors.

img-family2Mississauga — its dynamism is said to be related to its migrants from around the world.

Although South Asians form 20% of the total population in Mississauga, there are sizeable minorities of Chinese, Caribbean, African, Filipinos and Arabs. The multicultural fabric of Mississauga has been largely entreprenerial creating many small and mid-sized commercial activities in addition to the larger corporate presence.

Prudent Financial also reflects this vibrant multicultural mix! Our staff of 29 come from 18 countries across Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the Caribbean. We can serve you in such diverse languages as Mandarin, Punjabi, Bengali, Farsi, Arabic, Spanish, Tagalog, Italian, Russian and Rumanian.

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