Car Title Loans for Kitchener Residents

Prudent has been serving Kitchener residents in southern Ontario since 1984.

Why borrow with your Car?

  • Get a fast same day vehicle title loan up to $20,000
  • Prudent has the lowest rates in bad credit loans across Toronto and the GTA
  • Prudent offers open loans which can be paid off anytime you want!
  • All Prudent loans are reported to the major credit bureaus. If you pay on time you will receive the highest loan rating.

Kitchener – Innovative and Dynamic

Kitchener is the largest city in Waterloo Region offering a wealth of job opportunities through the operations of four major municipal business parks including: the Bridgeport Business Park, the Grand River West Business Park, the Huron Business Park and the Lancaster Corporate Centre.

The city’s oldest outdoor park – Victoria Park – is the hub of numerous local festivals such as: the Open Ears Festival, IMPACT theatre festival, the Multicultural Festival, the Kitchener Blues Festival and Kids’ Park. However, Kitchener-Waterloo’s Oktoberfest celebration is said to outshine them all! It’s known to be the largest Bavarian festival in the world outside of Germany. Other popular points of interests are – Rockaway Gardens, Grand River trails and McLennan Park.

The renowned University of Waterloo’s faculty of Health Science is located in Kitchener. The University of Waterloo is famous all around the globe for the vital role it played during the development of Blackberry Software.