How a Driver’s Training Course Saves Your Money on Car Insurance

A Driver’s Training Course can Save your Money on Car Insurance

Car insurance can be expensive, especially for new drivers. So it makes sense that many people look for ways to reduce these costs. One way that many consider is enrolling in a driver’s training course.

Taking a driver’s training course can help you reduce the costs of your car insurance. Here’s how.

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The Advantages of a Driver’s Training Course

Insurance companies charge higher rates to drivers that they feel are at a greater risk of having a collision or making a claim. They charge lower rates to drivers that have lower risk. When a young person takes a driver’s training course, insurance companies see this person as someone who is more qualified and more likely to drive safely. For this reason, they often charge a reduced rate for insurance.

If you have taken a driver’s training course in the last three years, your insurance rates will likely be lower. How much lower? That depends on a number of factors including where you live, the type of car you drive and which insurance company you choose. However, in almost every situation a person will pay less for insurance if they have received driver’s training, if all other factors remain the same.

Approved Driver’s Training Courses

It’s very important that you receive your driver’s training from an approved school. The Ministry of Transportation in each province approves only some schools. Insurance companies generally only offer discounted rates to people who have completed training at one of these approved schools.

When a driver has completed an approved training course, insurance companies see this individual as a person who is focused on being a safe and educated driver. This lessens the risk to the insurance company and reduces the rate that the driver pays.

If you’re looking to get driver’s training in hopes of reducing your insurance rate, it’s important that you choose a school that appears on this list of approved schools. You can find these lists on the website of your province’s Ministry of Transportation. For drivers in Ontario, the list can be found here.

Driver’s training isn’t just about learning what you need to pass your road test. Most driver’s training courses include both in-class and in-car training and are geared towards providing you with the attitudes and skills needed to ensure that drivers are safe and confident while driving. Insurance companies recognize this and offer lower car insurance rates to drivers who have taken such a course.


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