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Borrow with Your Vehicle in Toronto and the GTA

Since 1984, Prudent has been the leader with the lowest rates for bad credit personal loans in Toronto and the GTA

Why a Prudent Vehicle Title loan?

  • Lowest rates in the GTA for bad credit vehicle title loans
  • Fast loans up to $20,000
  • Open loans so you can pay off early
  • Loans report to the credit bureau

Think Smart. Think Prudent.

Borrow up to $20,000 on the same day

Lowest Rates in the GTA
for bad credit loans since 1984

Loans Report To The Credit Bureau

Interest Refund if you pay before the term ends

What is a Vehicle Title Loan?

  • A Vehicle Title Loan, also known as a Car title loans, is a loan using a paid off vehicle as collateral or security. No liens. No leases.
  • Must be fully insured.
  • Full use of your car during the loan period for as long as payments are made.
  • Usually eligible for larger loans and lower rates of interest than unsecured personal loans.

What is a Vehicle Repair Loan?

Prudent will loan money for car repairs and towing up to $5,000.

Cars must be 6 years or newer. And must be fully paid off, no liens or leases.